No Trending # has ever changed the world. I get that. However, it can certainly bring AWARENESS to something deemed important by a specific group of people. It also demonstrates how thoughtful human beings can unite their communities around a single issue and use Social Media for good.

Our intentions with the #MyMandate Campaign is to simply promote our new Jobs Not Jabs TRUTH SERUM and Jobs Not Jabs CAREERS Business Model while also giving average Americans A POWERFUL VOICE in the current debate around COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates, so that they can EXPRESS THEMSELVES in their own unique words at a time when it seems like no one will listen to them.

Look, I'm no one special. I'm just an average American like you who believes in working hard, doing an honest day's work, and supporting my family while helping my local church and community (and those in it) whenever there's a need.

I decided to create Jobs Not Jabs CAREERS and Jobs Not Jabs TRUTH SERUM after it became crystal clear to me that my dedication, loyalty and lifetime of "following the rules" and always "doing the right thing" didn't really matter when push came to shove.

I still firmly believe in God, this country, and this code of ethics, but now it's time to try and help others like me by DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY instead of just rolling over and allowing The Powers That Be to prevent me from supporting my family and helping others in need.

Help us to preserve
MEDICAL FREEDOM to KEEP AMERICA FREE and to KEEP AMERICA WORKING throughout the remainder of this year and beyond!

Help us to launch an exciting new era in American innovation that combines Career Planning, Community Engagement, and Individual Choice over-and-above any unconstitutional Mandates.

Please join us at Jobs Not Jabs CAREERS and Jobs Not Jabs TRUTH SERUM today!



Where Americans Find Medical Freedom & Jobs With NO COVID-19 VACCINE MANDATE!




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